My Philosophy

Since working in the traditional western healthcare arena for 6+ years, I’ve developed a love for Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and other eastern philosophies. This new passion stems primarily from my study of yoga. My eyes were opened to the pain and suffering our country is in. As a pharmacist, I get to see the daily struggles people have with depression, anxiety, pain, addiction, cancer, and general disease. There is a pill to treat almost every symptom of a disease, but very few can treat the person. The lack of focus on diet, exercise and lifestyle in western medicine is frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, traditional medicine is necessary- hands down, but it’s overused.

My interest lies in the science behind natural medicine. There is no doubt that Naturopathy works. And why most would argue “why apply western principles to eastern philosophy,” its a necessary step to convince the average American that it does truly work.

I’m not sure what my long term goals are. Eventually I would like to branch off, continue my education, and practice a form of eastern medicine. Right now, I’m using my time in my position as “research.”

My sites are used to share my knowledge, advice, tips, and general awareness about alternative therapies that are easily available.

3 thoughts on “My Philosophy

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog Lauren and i am glad to come across yours. I too am pro natural medicine system and agree that western medicine does not answer a lot of questions. My father is a surgeon and trained in modern medicine but he is also a vaidya and uses ayurveda as first choice of medical practice. he is trying to integrate modern medicine with traditional Indian medicine which focuses on trying to cure the root of a disease than just the symptoms. I ma glad you have seen the benefits of natural ways of life 🙂

    • That is so awesome of your dad!! I love the Ayurvedic system. I visit south india every year for yoga and when I’m there I try to get as many treatments as I can. It just makes sense. I think having a background in western medicine AND eastern medicine makes the healthcare provider a whirlwind of information and ways to treat the patient!

      Be Well!

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