Quercetin Supplementation for Allergies

allergy cartoon

If you’re an allergy sufferer but hate the not-so-pleasing side effects of traditional anti-histamines (Benadryl, Zyrtec, Allegra, etc), you may want to talk to your doctor about supplementing with quercetin. While quercetin is the most researched of all the bioflavanoids (fancy word for plant metabolite), it’s not the first that’s recommended- most likely because Dr. Oz toutes the benefits of resveratrol, and he should! It makes your heart happy! Quercetin has shown promise to allergy sufferers. In test tubes, quercetin stops histamines from being released from cells, which is why it has been deemed “nature’s antihistamine.” Human trial data is limited, but anecdotal evidence is promising. Patients who take it swear by it. I have started recommending it this allergy season.

Quercetin is found in the skins of apples, grapes and onions and is partially responsible for the color of these fruits! It’s absorption is increased by taking it together with resveratrol, green tea or yerba mate tea. Make sure to look at the labels when purchasing a quercetin product. The dihydrate form is the best followed by glycoside, aglycone, and rutinoside. The average dose is 1500mg/day, but if you take it in combination with resveratrol, you can probably lower the dose to 1000mg/day.

Since quercetin undergoes metabolism in the liver, it may interact with some medicines. If you are unsure if your medication is broken down by the liver make sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking quercetin (or any supplement for that matter!). Common examples of such medicines are warfarin, clopidogrel, aspirin, cyclosporine, digoxin, and chemotherapy.

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