What’s been going on

It’s been full steam ahead at work these days. Thank goodness for my month long hiatus because I don’t know how I would have handled the past three weeks. I’ve rekindled my love for my profession. It seems as though I would have some sort of epic change every three years, professionally speaking. I went from being an intern for 3 years to being a staff pharmacist for 3 years, to being a manager now for 4 years. Right around the three year mark in management I was getting a little antsy. For those of you that don’t know me personally, I’m a go getter. I feel as though I can always do more. I’m capable of a lot. So, I decided to sit for the Specialty pharmacy boards this October. I’ve been putting a few hours a week into studying for that and making sure all the requirements are fulfilled to take the exam. Specialty pharmacy is the future, and I want to be a part of it. I’m leaving tomorrow to spend a week in Tampa at the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Expo at the University of South Florida. I’m sort of geeking out on this. A whole week of networking and learning- yes! While the biggest conditions that are treated with specialty drugs are inflammation, multiple sclerosis and cancer, my personal interest lies in solid organ transplantation.


My yoga practice is still there, but it has taken a back seat to my daily life. I’m finding the same solace in studying as I do with my yoga practice, I’m thinking thats actually a good thing. I’ve spent the last almost three years using my yoga practice as an alternative to probably much needed therapy. And not that I need a “reason” to practice, but eventually I’ll have to rekindle my love for yoga. I’m taking the advice of my teacher an doing less asana but more intensity. I think I will also use the month of May to try and organize my life around practice. I’m looking forward to the spring and summer. Practice comes easier then.

I think Mark and I decided on a wedding date- July 9th of this year. But don’t hold us to it. We are two of the most indecisive people you will ever meet (we’ve live in our house for 3 & a half years and the walls are still bare. We can’t decide on where we want to put things). The date comes from the engraving on the inside of my antique wedding band.  It will no doubt be a very small, not fancy event which will need to involve Vegan Treats, french fries and/or pasta. Because we live in Pennsylvania we can get the “self-uniting” marriage license and marry ourselves (thanks Quakers!!).

I’ve cut back my coffee consumption to once a day in the morning. Go me! If you recall I caffeinated myself into an adrenal stupor back in November. I’m happy to say my adrenals are back to the way they should be and I’m less tired during the day. I’m also back to being strictly a vegetarian. When I was not feeling well at the end of the year I got the bright idea to start eating a little meat again. All that did was give me stomach and headaches. ‘m sticking to veggies. I can’t promise that won’t change in the future though!

Other than being so happy that high waisted jeans are all the rage again (really I am, low-rise jeans are bull shit), that’s been my life in a small blog post.


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