The Elephants.

On Saturday I went to an Elephant Rehabilitation Center outside of Trivandrum. Elephants are no doubt the most beautiful most amazing creatures on earth. I could have spent all day there with them, especially the babies!

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2 thoughts on “The Elephants.

  1. How are you doing, Lauren? I hope you’re feeling better! Sad to read about you being sick, but it’s something that can happen in India. I was also sick last year when I was there, but fortunately only for a few days.

    Where’s this Elephant Rehabilitation Center and can everyone visit? Or did you have some kind of special visit organized? Elephants are one of my favorites too and I would really like to go there next time I’m in Kovalam.

    Have a wonderful stay and take care!
    Looking forward to your posts.

    • Hi Annemarie! I’m definitely feeling better!!! The rehab center is about an hour and a half north of Kovalam beach. It’s close by Neyyar Dam. Anyone can go…its only 20 rupees to enter. They are so cute! Especially the babies!!
      Talk to you soon!!

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