Finding the Pause Button


I have lots of resolutions and goals for 2014. I don’t want to bore you with my laundry list of this and that, so I’ll just skip to the big one- pressing pause. I want nothing more for the new year than to just slow down. My recent bout with adrenal fatigue has left me quite drained. I did it to myself. We do it to ourselves. I’ve become a workaholic. My over-connectedness via social media, e-mail and texts has left me out of touch with actual reality- people and places. Relationships have been compromised and I’ve gotten out of touch with things I love. It’s easy to do.

It’s time to press stop pause. But how?

I need to learn to work smarter- not harder. But how? Better delegation, clearer communication, more follow-up, make lists

I need to have preset work/home boundaries. But how? Shut off my outlook exchange on my iphone, ipad and computer on my days off. Don’t check e-mail before I get to work. Keep my calendar updated

I need to relax. But how? Have regularly scheduled bodywork sessions, take soothing baths, get enough sleep.

I need to disconnect. But How?  Limit the amount of TV watched, only go online for a set amount of time each day. Read books.

I’m a lucky soul who has good health insurance, but I hardly use it. I need to keep up with health maintenance. I haven’t had proper blood work drawn in years. If I don’t take care of my own health I can’t take care of others.

There you have it! My big resolution for 2014. In case you were wondering ( 🙂 ) I also plan on getting married, learn to make soap, stop keeping my credit card in my pocket, eat breakfast, do preliminary course work to become a board certified specialty pharmacist and post more on this blog! So if you aren’t a follower yet, you should be (just click the little button on the side bar or at the bottom of the page)!


4 thoughts on “Finding the Pause Button

  1. Isn’t it crazy to be a yoga practitioner and suddenly have something like adrenal fatigue show up in your life? After I did my first yoga teacher training my health started declining and now I’m seeing a Naturopath and getting weekly IV’s for all the nutrients I’ve depleted in my body. I too was just running myself too hard too fast, thinking I could do it all. I’m glad to see someone else out there loves yoga, but knows that yoga doesn’t actually “fix everything” and completely “calm your whole life”. It’s wonderful to hear you have started to find that balance. 🙂

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