Living my Yoga

Thank you to everyone who viewed, shared, commented on, and privately messaged me about my last post. What was supposed to be a nothing post turned into a huge something post for so many people.

My yoga practice makes my profession worth while and vice versa. If it wasn’t for yoga, I’m not quite sure that I would have the ability to care so much about my work and those affected by my work- both my employees and patients. Most pharmacists are cynics with zero patience. WIthout yoga, I’m sure I would be one of them. On the flip side, if my job wasn’t so stressful and mentally draining, I don’t think my practice would mean as much as it does. They go hand in hand.

brit bday

Miss B‘s birthday ball was amazing. Every person there exuded kindness for the human spirit. Miss B was dressed in a princess gown with shoes and a tiara to match. There was dinner, dessert, games, and dancing. Miss B’s father put together an emotional slideshow of pictures that was shown at the end of dinner. There was a lovely toast given by her parents. It was truly a memorable night and I am honored that I got to be a part of it. Below is a short clip of part of the toast (I asked Miss B’s parents for permission to post it).

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