So You Have the Flu. Practice, Anyone?

I agree with this 110% If you’re sick, keep your germy self home!!

The Confluence Countdown

Rest, drink fluids, take it easy. Standard operating procedure for the inevitable this time of year; it’s conventional wisdom, what your doctor will tell you, and exactly what you feel like doing. Yes, that’s right. You’re getting sick.

Cold, flu, sore throat—what have you—the basic care instructions are the same.

But, what about the practice?

It often doesn’t matter how bad you feel, there’s always that tug of obligation that tells you you’re missing practice.

If I’m not mistaken, conventional wisdom in Ashtanga says you are go for practice, unless you have a fever. Maybe a few teachers can chime in here, but that’s what I was told. And frequently–if by “frequently” you mean “always”–I ignored this advice. I take great swaths of time off when I’m sick. But what I always heard was to avoid practice only when you had a fever.

That can be a very narrow amount…

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