Cool Down With Hibiscus

Ayurvedically speaking, I am your classic Pitta. I have a super strong digestion and I retain heat rather well. I retain heat so well that it often gives me skin breakouts, migraine headaches, that time-of-the-month issues, among other little nasties. Over the past year, I’ve had consultations with two different Ayurvedic practitioners. Both of them recommended that I drink hibiscus tea, and lots of it, to control my over heating problem. I can honestly say that it is the one thing that I can feel cool me down from the inside out. With warm weather right around the corner, I’m slowly increasing my consumption of this colorful cooling tea.

1-1254836694ahTHHibiscus tea is made from the flowers of the hibiscus plant- you know, those tropical Hawaiian-looking beauties! The flowers have been used medicinally in Asian countries for centuries, mainly as a remedy for kidney and reproductive disorders. The sweet petals have a cooling refrigerant affect on the body, dislodging heat and congestion. Hibiscus helps to purify and detoxify the blood and heart tissue. In a small trial funded by the Agricultural Research Service, it was shown that incorporating a small amount of hibiscus tea- 3 cups per day- can have blood pressure lowering effects. It has also been shown to improve skin complexion and hair growth.

Hibiscus flowers, having a very similar energy to Jasmine, Rose and Lotus, are used in sacred devotional ceremonies in India. Ganesh, the obstacle destroyer, loves when you offer him hibiscus- who wouldn’t?!


Here is a yummy recipe to give your cup of tea some pizazz on a hot Summer day:

Hibiscus Tea Fizz

Brew one cup of strong Hibiscus tea (use two tea bags) ( I use Traditional Medicinals)

Steep tea for 10 minutes

Pour tea over a container filled with ice

Add 6oz of plain tonic water

Add the juice of 1 small lime

Drink it up!



2 thoughts on “Cool Down With Hibiscus

  1. Hey, thank you for this. I’ve been using my ashtanga practice to help regulate the heat in my body (tamoxifen-induced, since you’re a pharmacist and would know it. I’m in my late 20s; it sucks). I can’t wait to see if this would kill some of the fire too…

    • Hi K! I’m so sorry you have to go through that at such a young age. The ashtanga practice is so great for expelling heat. Make sure you are breathing fully during your entire practice. It’s a good idea to take a super long time in your finishing postures. This will allow your body to cool down naturally so that more heat from your practice doesn’t get trapped.
      Have you tried the famous Ashtanga Castor Oil bath? If you haven’t I suggest you check it out. I do it once a week during the summer. It’s messy and gross, but it works. If you aren’t down for the sticky mess from the Castor Oil, Almond Oil works just as well. The oil acts as a medium for heat to leave the body. It works so well, that usually I feel like I lost a ton of weight from all of the heat leaving my body. Here is an article on the bath from elephant journal:

      Good Luck & Thanks for reading!

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