All I needed was quiet

This past week sucked. Somehow my schedule at work got out of control. I had tons of meetings, staff call outs, complaints out the wazoo, and oh yeah, I was trying to have a life.  I took all of my frustrations out in my yoga practice which ended up making me more stressed out and angry. Someone even called me a bitch. I couldn’t help being miserable. Nothing was going my way.

I neglected my blog. I spent countless hours at work drafting an important document. The last thing I wanted to do when I got home was be in front of a computer.

This morning all of my built up angst and aggression caught up with me. I got up early and went to practice (yes, I practice on Saturdays). My plan was to do my long practice- all of primary and third through the arm balances. Yeah. Right. My body stopped me at my first downward facing dog. My upper body was tense and the sides of my legs felt like I just ran an ultra marathon. But I was pushing through it. I tried to flow through my standing postures and seated, skipping some vinyasas here and there. It was going well until my body literally revolted at Supta Kurmasana. On any other day I can whip my legs behind my head like nobody’s business. Not today. The pressure in my joints was so unbearable that I stopped.  I did a super long headstand, a restorative pose and Savasana.

I was pissed. 

After practice Dina and I went to get coffee and pedicures. The quick foot massage they give you relieved some tension in my legs, but my irritability was still there. I picked up some things at the grocery store and headed home.


My house was unusually quiet. Mark is in Michigan for the Lansing Marathon, so the loud sounds of the TV and conversation were absent. The cats were sleeping. Even though I miss Mark, it was nice to have some alone time.

I then realized that besides for sleeping, this was the first quiet moment I had all week. I was loving it. I proceeded to pressure cook some rice and chop up my veggies in complete silence. No phone, no TV, no music, no people. Just me, the quiet hiss of my pressure cooker and some hibiscus tea. These two hours spent in silence relaxed my upper body and jaw, my headache went away and for the first time in quite awhile I was able to breathe.

My schedule this week doesn’t look any more promising. I am hoping that my work schedule goes a little more as planned. I’ve also decided to take Monday off. And I am devoting at least an hour a day this week to writing on my blog in silence.

Thanks for reading my “journal entry.” Stay tuned for some worth while posts!



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5 thoughts on “All I needed was quiet

  1. Sometimes we don’t even realize how loud our life is until there is a moment of silence. Congratulations on finding it. Blessings on continuing ways to find it.

  2. I had a similar experience recently. I thought turning to yoga would make me less angry and stressed (and usually it does) but that day my body was angry at me for making it do additional work. Sometimes flopping on the sofa or just sitting in the grass does wonders.

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