Raindrops on Roses…

Here are a few of my fav-o-rite things, in 2013!


Wonderberry Truffle Oolong Tea from Teavana

I literally cannot get enough of this yummy tea. I’m not even a huge fan of red teas, but this one is delish! I have supplies of it at work and home so I can have it when I want it! Teavana is my favorite tea company as far as interesting variety goes. It’s a little pricy, but its nice to treat yourself once in awhile!


Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Blend

My name is Lauren Grantz and I have a coffee addiction- to this blend! I had to ration it while I was in India or I would have brewed a pound in just a few days! It’s super strong- faint of heart beware!


Aromabliss ayurvedic skin care. Specifically Vamakesi Oil and Pitta Oil

This company is spearheaded by one of my favorite people, Lilavati. She is the awesome woman who has brought an Ayurvedic yoga sanctuary to Philadelphia- The Temple of the Lotus. Her oils are truly magical. They come with me on all of my trips. I use the Vamakesi Oil on my hair and the bottoms of my feet before bed for a dreamy slumber!

Lalita Sahasranamam Stotram Goddess Tripurasundari

The Mat” from Lululemon

Once the weird rubbery smell goes away, this mat is awesome! It’s not like your traditional sticky yoga mat. It’s more like a fly trap. There is no sliding going on even during a 2 hour sweaty ashtanga practice! And it’s at a lower price point than the Manduka mats. I’ve tried all of the top yoga mat brands and this one is by far my favorite.



Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

I don’t finish books often, but this one I did in a week- that’s a record for me. Seriously everyone should read it. Strayed brings the harsh realities of common problems we face as humans with feelings and problems out in the open. Just, trust me, read it!

My new camera- Canon T4i DSLR

If you are in the market for a new camera, this one should be considered! It has a super fast shutter speed and really awesome features. I take it with me everywhere. You never know when there may be a photo op!

mountain 2

The Indie Singer/Songwriter station on Pandora

It’s a great station to listen to while doing work on the computer and around the house! I’ve come across some awesome new artists!



It’s my new favorite vegetarian “junk” food. It’s a meatless substitute for many dishes! I don’t like the texture of tofu and seitan is super hard to make- gardein it is! Chicken Scallopini is pictured below! Stay tuned for recipe!

TalRonnen Chikn Piccata


My fiance 

I know, gag. Whatever- you don’t have to understand. Mark and I got engaged in India this past year. No we don’t have a date or a venue or any plans yet! But when we do, it will be perfect, for us!

Mark & Lauren, Kanyakumari 2012

Mark & Lauren, Kanyakumari 2012

The Big Bang Theory and Girls

I can literally watch these shows over and over and not get sick of them. I love Sheldon Cooper and Shosh!



My new trend is wearing lots and lots of bracelets together. Anything goes- mixed metals, stones, beads- Stack em up and be fabulous!!


Polka Dots

I am loving me some polka dots. Polka dot shoes, tops, tanks and bags. The pic below are my new work sneaks from Dr. Scholl’s. They help manage the leg agony from sanding on my feet all day long! You can find them here. I’m totally buying them in other colors!


Baggu Bags

Baggu bags are fantastic! They are great to keep all squished up in your purse for unexpected grocery trips! I use the baby baggu for my lunch, the big baggu for the beach and the medium sized for my post-yoga clothes! And bonus- they come in polka dot!!!


What are your favorite things?

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